William Street Graffiti Victory!

Councillor David Sandiford celebrates Victory after your Didsbury Lib Dem councillors had the graffiti removed
A disgrace - vandalised sub station on William Street in the Village - the scourge of Didsbury, Serk, has tagged all over this building

Some in September (2011)

Wilmslow Road walk from St James' Church to the Village ruined by a vandal
Catterick Rd / Willow Way - Serk vandalises someone's garden  fence. Stupid.

Ventnor Rd/Chiswick Rd alley to Catterick Road - graffiti and litter along here reported to be cleaned

Cotton Lane / Francis Road School Zone post listing dangerously reported to be righted!

Grange Ln bollard reported and sorted.

'Crave!' Really? Crap tag on Henwood Road

Oh Mother! - rubbish that Didsbury doesn't need.

Bin taken outside Shapley Court on William St/School Ln - after much to-ing and fro-ing we got this replaced with a shiny new one!!

Handful of issues reported. August 2011

Clothorn Road opposite Souchay Court - another SERK plaguing our area - now removed

Crazy tag there! There have been a few blue faces around - here at the Lapwing Ln/Wilmslow Rd corner

Old Broadway post box - again

I think this will be on the mains supply on Pine Rd - Rubbish graffiti not included either!

The Didsbury loo - another piece of Didsbury soon to be destroyed by this shameful Labour party.

SERC at the train station bridge - just wasting tax payers money

Summer flooding outside Ballbrook Court - I have asked for the drains to be inspected and cleaned

Didsbury Court/Wilmslow Rd road and pavement flooding - reported for sorting so hopefully this won't happen this winter.

Some more issues from Didsbury reported July 2011. Part B

Knackered kerb stone on Old Oak Street

Cabinet outside Francis House tagged

Sandhurst Lane bridge wall - just part of the extensive crap graffiti scrawled all over this area

Bin vandalised outside Keen Sandwich shop on Wilmslow Rd near the world famous Aladdin!

One of the regulars to be attacked - cabinet outside Redfern flats, Wilmslow Raod

SERK had a field-day around The Christie - this lamp post at the Wilmslow Rd/Cotton Ln junction just one example

Various issues we have reported around Didsbury July 2011. Part A

The start of the bins fiasco - Labour council bosses in Manchester failed the people of Didsbury - this is on Crossway

Didsbury Park large street cabinet - one of a few cabinets along here targeted constantly

Ford Lane/Harefield Drive grit bin - didn't take SERK long to vandalise this

Street cabinet on Kingston Rd tagged

Post box on Kinnaird attacked again

Milgate Lane lamp post bombed

A few of the messes we had cleaned up in June 2011

Parrs Wood Lane outside Tesco cabinet bombed

SERK - yawn - on School Lane opposite the Scout Hut

Nasty litter/fly-tipping behind M&S reported and cleaned

Wilmslow Rd Christie bus stop bin vandalised

Grove Lane/Wilmslow Rd post box attacked by MOTHER

SERK again on this crossing bollard outside The Christie

This tagged bin was overflowing with litter on Withington Green bringing the whole place down. I had it all cleaned up and off

There has been an upsurge in graffiti across Didsbury. Some from May 2011 reported. Part B

MOTHER starting to spread like a virus - took a while but this was finally cleaned off the loos on Barlow Moor Rd

Grange Lane lit bollard - action taken and now cleaned off

SERK again - all over the Jubilee Garden at Grange Ln opposite Shell

This poor post box at te end of Old Broadway is constantly attacked

MOTHER we hear you - now leave us alone

Saddlewood Avenue street cabinet - I asked for increase police patrols after a resident approached me regarding anti-social behaviour

School Ln bridge opposite Barlow

Set of reported graffiti from May 2011. Part A

Ferndene Rd / Wilmslow Rd street cabinet SPS tag fairly common sight unfortunately

Millgate Lane double yellow lines needed at the Wilmslow Road end and pot hole problems reported - lines now painted - some pot holes filled but continue to be a problem on this road!

Parrs Wood Lane railings outside the soon-to-be East Didsbury Metrolink stop - lots of tagging going on here for some reason?

School Lane bridge next to Barlow HS - I can't see graffiti in this photo either, but it was there and now it's gone! (and on the other side of the bridge)

All of the pedestrian signal boxes at the Parrs Wood Rd/School Ln junction were tagged

Stenner Lane street cabinet opposite St James' church was bombed

This wall tag was there for ages on Wilmslow Rd near Old Broadway before I had it removed