Graffiti, litter, worn outlines and pavement repaired!

Graffiti at the junction of Wilmslow Road and Fog Lane - reported

Willow Way litter in tree cages reported, along with pot holes on the road following a local resident who contacted me to raise the issue

Yellow lines on Brayton Avenue - following a request by a local resident I have got this job placed onto the next council line painting schedual - hopefully the lines will be repainted before the end of the summer holidays to cut down parking from MMU

Graffiti on The Didsbury pub crossing bollard - reported

Victory! The pavement was repaired really quickly - good work by council work crew.

The pavement through Didsbury Village is in dire need of repair by the council - plus assorted action

I have reported the very bad condition of the flags running through the village, ruined by the harsh winter weather andin real need of repair

I reported this lit bollard for repair at the end of Parrs Wood Road at the junction with Millgate Lane

The pavement outside the entrance to MMU on Wilmslow Road is getting dangerous - reported

Atwood Road - another piece of mindless vandalism - reported

School Lane graffiti on the railway bridge near Barlow - this has been attacked before - reported

Glad to see the Scout Hut cleaned amongst other action

Catterick Rd graffiti - reported

Victoria Ave - where I grew up! - reported and I watched it being cleaned - excellent job!

Happy to see my old Scout Hut on School Lane get cleaned up

The Drive - graffiti on both signs at Fog Lane and an NTL box all reported

Moorland Road bollard at Beaver Rd reported for repair

Graffiti and pot holes East Didsbury and Parrs Wood Road

Oakway/Kingsway hole in the path - reported

Pot holes across Parrs Wood Road at junction with Ruabon Rd - reported

Part of all the graffiti that has just gone up along Parrs Wood Rd - reported

Laneside Road graffiti at junction with Kingsway - reported

Graffiti on Moorpark Road - reported

Rhodes Clock and Fletcher Moss Gardens

The historic Rhodes Clock

Winner of the South Manchester Reporter's Big Picture in January

Phone boxes around Didsbury

In the middle of the village on Wilmslow Rd reported and cleaned

Parrs Wood Rd at junction with Catterick Rd reported

Fog Lane near Burnage station reported

Outside Didsbury Library

Wilmslow Road outside Noddys

East Didsbury pot holes and graffiti getting tackled

Litter in Parrs Wood Rd tree protectors reported to be cleared

Parrs Wood Rd graffiti near Mellington Ave - sorted

Bankside Road pot holes reported

Broad Oak Lane pot holes reported to make that school run easier!

Post Boxes around Didsbury

Wilmslow Road/Grove Ln - reported

Old Broadway/Wilmslow Rd - reported

Outside the Fat Loaf and Old Cock on Wilmslow Rd - reported

Wilmslow Rd outside the entrance to the Towers - reported and sorted!

Outside the old post office that Labour closed opposite East Didsbury train station - reported

Palatine Rd/Lapwing Ln graffiti spot reported - this junction is always getting tagged!

Knackered road at the junction of Parrs Wood Ave and Wilmslow Road reported for repair.

Graffiti on the phone box at the end of Parrs Wood Ave reported.

I have reported those huge and dangerous pot holes outside outside East Didsbury station - and they've been sorted already!

I have also reported the drain to be cleaned out as it's clearly been blocked following the engineering work to the bridge.

Parrs Wood Road graffiti has been cleaned and rubbish removed from the Milgate Road end up to Atwood Road reported all year round!

Graffiti in Didsbury Park, including the veterans hut and the bowling hut