William Street Graffiti Victory!

Councillor David Sandiford celebrates Victory after your Didsbury Lib Dem councillors had the graffiti removed
A disgrace - vandalised sub station on William Street in the Village - the scourge of Didsbury, Serk, has tagged all over this building

Some in September (2011)

Wilmslow Road walk from St James' Church to the Village ruined by a vandal
Catterick Rd / Willow Way - Serk vandalises someone's garden  fence. Stupid.

Ventnor Rd/Chiswick Rd alley to Catterick Road - graffiti and litter along here reported to be cleaned

Cotton Lane / Francis Road School Zone post listing dangerously reported to be righted!

Grange Ln bollard reported and sorted.

'Crave!' Really? Crap tag on Henwood Road

Oh Mother! - rubbish that Didsbury doesn't need.

Bin taken outside Shapley Court on William St/School Ln - after much to-ing and fro-ing we got this replaced with a shiny new one!!

Handful of issues reported. August 2011

Clothorn Road opposite Souchay Court - another SERK plaguing our area - now removed

Crazy tag there! There have been a few blue faces around - here at the Lapwing Ln/Wilmslow Rd corner

Old Broadway post box - again

I think this will be on the mains supply on Pine Rd - Rubbish graffiti not included either!

The Didsbury loo - another piece of Didsbury soon to be destroyed by this shameful Labour party.

SERC at the train station bridge - just wasting tax payers money

Summer flooding outside Ballbrook Court - I have asked for the drains to be inspected and cleaned

Didsbury Court/Wilmslow Rd road and pavement flooding - reported for sorting so hopefully this won't happen this winter.