December 2010 selection of reported problems and vandalism

Ballbrook Rd street cabinet

Cotton Ln street cabinet tagged

Another Cotton Ln cabinet tagged

Kinnaird Rd/Wilmslow Rd post box attacked

Sandhurst Ln bridge attacked by SERK

A new style by SERK on Sandhurst Ln - yep, we're all pretty bored with it

Smashed bollard on Sandhurst Ln near School Ln

School Ln lamp No.21 - tag just pointing out at the bottom of the picture - SERK again!

Rear of street sign on School Lane

Redfern flats, Wilmslow Road street cabinet once more

Telegraph pole tagged outside flats on Wilmslow Rd

Wilmslow Rd lamp post No.227

SERK again on the bus stop opposite The Christie, Wilmslow Road