Reported September 2010

Cotton Lane opposite Heaton Rd junction - nice, original message there!

SERK again - an Elm Grove lamp post - how nice for the primary school kids

Elm Grove damaged pavement reported for repair

Palatine Road/Spath Road street cabinet tagged - rubbish!

Lapwing Lane parade bin-job

Lapwing Lane street cabinet graffiti - this section of Lapwing Lane gets bombed constantly - why?

Lyndhurst Road - SERK again!

Mersey Road post box - is this DARK?

Palatine Road/Lapwing Lane lit bollard attack

Spath Road outside Spath Holme post box

Street cabinet outside Redfern House flats, Wilmslow Road - this must be one of the most bombed/reported/cleaned/bombed street cabinets in Manchester!