Set of reported graffiti from May 2011. Part A

Ferndene Rd / Wilmslow Rd street cabinet SPS tag fairly common sight unfortunately

Millgate Lane double yellow lines needed at the Wilmslow Road end and pot hole problems reported - lines now painted - some pot holes filled but continue to be a problem on this road!

Parrs Wood Lane railings outside the soon-to-be East Didsbury Metrolink stop - lots of tagging going on here for some reason?

School Lane bridge next to Barlow HS - I can't see graffiti in this photo either, but it was there and now it's gone! (and on the other side of the bridge)

All of the pedestrian signal boxes at the Parrs Wood Rd/School Ln junction were tagged

Stenner Lane street cabinet opposite St James' church was bombed

This wall tag was there for ages on Wilmslow Rd near Old Broadway before I had it removed